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Real estate assistants often handle daily administration details, leaving registrants free to engage in activities requiring a registration.

Role Disclosure

Assistants are not licensed by the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission (SREC) and are not part of our jurisdiction. However, the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission holds a registrant responsible for an assistantís activities.

Limited Responsibilities

Registrants cannot assign duties to the assistant that require a registered professional.

Activities that CAN be performed by unregistered persons who, for example, act as personal assistants, clerical support staff, closing secretaries, etc.:

1. Any clerical or administrative activities such as preparation of documents or reports.
2. Scheduling of appointments for registrants to show listed property.
3. Setting up and removing signs and lock boxes.
4. Writing and preparation of ads, flyers and promotional information and placement of such advertising approved by the broker.
5. Contacting registrants for results on showings of listings.
6. Contacting solicitors on transactions.
7. Responding to advertising inquiries made by other registrants.
8. Witnessing of documents already discussed and presented by a registrant.
9. Following up on financing commitments after a contract has been negotiated.
10. Acting as a courier service to deliver documents, pick up keys, etc.
11. Securing public information documents such as Certificates of Title from Land Titles, tax notices, etc.

Activities that CANNOT be performed by unregistered persons include, but are not necessarily limited to:

1. Host public open houses, kiosks, home show booths or fairs or hand out materials at such functions.
2. Present, discuss or explain to consumers any documents dealing with a real estate transaction.
3. Solicit a contract to trade in real estate or telephone solicitations designed to procure buyers, listing or appointments for listing presentations.
4. Advertise real estate.
5. Respond to seller inquiries on the results of registrant showings of the seller's property.
6. Respond to inquiries from consumers, including advertising inquiries.
7. Be paid on the basis of real estate activity, such as a lump sum or percentage of commission on a real estate transaction.

It is important to note that consumers dealing with unlicensed/unregistered assistants conducting these types of activities are not protected by The Real Estate Act.