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Education Core Values

A professional registration education program must be based on core values. The Saskatchewan Real Estate Commissionís core values outlined below directly correlate with the expectations of adult learners seeking the requisite knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a professional in todayís workplace.

  1. Education should be available anytime. This value is supported by the flexible delivery of e-learning. Learning is accessible at any time regardless of the learnersí work, family or personal schedule.

  2. Education should be accessible from anywhere regardless of the remoteness of the geographic location. This value is supported by the flexible delivery of e-learning.

  3. Education should be designed for self-paced learning in order to meet individual learning needs. This value is supported by the flexible delivery of e-learning.

  4. Education should encourage development of the individualís critical thinking and analytical skills.

  5. Education should promote the learner taking responsibility for their learning through supporting a self-directed and timely approach to education.

  6. Education materials and methods should be current, accurate, and contextually relevant.

  7. Education programs should be designed using a modular approach for greater ease of updating and greater potential for re-purposing of educational resources.

  8. Education should be designed using a content-appropriate mix of media design elements that maximize opportunities for active learning by supporting learner interactivity and engagement.

  9. Education programs should provide relevant knowledge and practice-based information and activities applicable in the respective industry.

  10. Education should provide learner assessment opportunities with immediate feedback based on the key learning constructs and the identified competencies for the respective profession.