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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

As a part of the yearly registration process, all registrants are required to successfully complete the Real Estate Update course (CPD) prior to May 31st of that year. New registrants that register after to March 31st are exempt from that year’s CPD requirement.

Commission Bylaws 329, 330, 331 and 409 outline the requirements for completing the CPD course, the consequences of not complying and the procedure and costs associated with applying for an extension of the date for completion.

The CPD course is developed to deliver current and comprehensive information such as legislative changes, compliance issues, legal updates, elements of risk reduction and professional standards. This is to ensure registrants obtain information from the course material that they can reference and use later on. CPD is in place to improve the professional image of registrants, improve public protection and to reduce potential claims against registrants.

The CPD course can be completed by either attending one of the workshops held throughout the province or by completing the on-line course. To complete the on-line course the following are required: Internet connection, an adequate computer and appropriate software. To enroll in the course, please contact the Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® (306-373-3350) or visit their website at www.saskatchewanrealestate.com.

If a registrant has not completed CPD prior to May 31st, the following is required:
i) file an application with the Commission requesting a one-month extension and paying the $300 extension fee for the month of June; and
ii) apply to the education provider to enrol in the on-line CPD course and successfully complete it prior to June 30th.

In extenuating circumstances the Commission may choose to grant a registrant an extension to July 31st; but failure to complete the on-line course by July 31st will result in the suspension of the registrant’s Certificate of Registration until he/she completes the on-line CPD course.

Each year’s CPD course will be available on-line for at least a three-year period to allow those individuals who take a leave of absence from the industry to get caught up on their outstanding CPD requirements. Please contact the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission (306-374-5233 ext. 1) to determine your CPD re-instatement requirements.