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I am licensed/registered by another jurisdiction. How do I get registered in Saskatchewan?

Individuals licensed/registered in other jurisdictions who wish to trade in real estate in Saskatchewan must:
  • ask the licensing/registration body to provide a licensing/registration history directly to the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission;
  • pass the reciprocity course examination;
  • submit to a criminal record check by fingerprint comparison to the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission;
  • complete the Registrant Application form and submit it to the Saskatchewan broker with whom they are seeking employment; and
  • provide payment: cheque, money order, Visa or MasterCard to the employing broker.

What is the deadline to renew my registration?

All renewal registrations must be processed online by either the employing brokerage or the registrant prior to midnight on June 30th for the individual to be registered in the new registration year that commences on July 1st.

When does my registration expire?

Unless suspended or cancelled earlier; all Certificates of Registration expire at midnight on June 30th following the date of issuance.

How do I terminate my registration?

If you are leaving your brokerage to work for another brokerage; leaving the real estate industry to pursue a different career; or taking a leave of absence; you must provide written notification to your employing brokerage that you are ceasing your employment. You may complete the Notice of Termination form and submit it to the brokerage/broker. The brokerage is responsible for processing your termination online through the Commissionís online database.

I am a real estate broker but I am not a member of any real estate board. Am I still affected by the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission?

Yes. The Commissionís jurisdiction includes all brokers, branch managers, associate brokers, and salespeople.

I have passed the provincial qualifying exams. Do I have to apply for my registration within a certain period of time?

Yes. You must apply for your registration within two years from the date of passing your last Phase II examination.

Do I need a registration when acting as a property manager?

Yes. Where the individual is engaged in property management on behalf of the owner or lessor, when this falls within the definition of trading in real estate under The Real Estate Act, a registration is required. Those who are employed to do this work on behalf of a brokerage must be registered. Property management includes a wide range of activities. Some of these activities include, but are not limited to:
  • Leasing, negotiating, approving, or offering to lease
  • Negotiating or approving a lease
  • Rental of real estate
  • Collecting rent or holding money received in connection with a lease or rental of real estate

The general areas excluded are contracts for maintenance such as yard work, snow removal, repairs, etc. For further clarification, please contact the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission.

I am not qualified as a broker, but I want to open my open company. Can I apply for a temporary brokerage/broker registration?

No. You will have to employ an individual who is qualified to be the broker until such time as you obtain your broker qualifications.

I have applied to open a brokerage. Do I have to have a trust account?

Yes. All brokerages must maintain an interest bearing trust account in Saskatchewan. The application will not be approved until the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission is satisfied that an interest bearing trust account has been established in a Saskatchewan financial institution.

What is required when a registered brokerage ceases operation?

The following steps should be taken when a registered brokerage ceases operation:
  1. Notify the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission by written correspondence and indicate the balance in the trust account. If there is a balance remaining in the trust account, the Commissionís permission is required on how it will be handled.
  2. Complete the Commissionís Notice of Termination form for any registrants employed by or associated with the brokerage.

Will my registration be cancelled if I or my brokerage declare bankruptcy?

Declaration of bankruptcy does not necessarily mean cancellation of a registration/Certificate of Registration. If you or your brokerage declares bankruptcy:
  1. Inform the Commission within five days and provide a Bankruptcy Statement of Affairs.
  2. The Executive Director will review the documentation and determine the impact on the individualís ability to trade in real estate.

Will my registration be suspended if I have been convicted of a criminal offence in the past five years?

Conviction of a criminal offence does not necessarily mean cancellation or suspension of a registration. If you have been convicted:
  1. Inform the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission of the conviction immediately in writing and provide a copy of the criminal record.
  2. The Executive Director will review the nature and seriousness of the offence. If a registrantís employment with a brokerage is discontinued, the registration/Certificate of Registration will be terminated. If the conviction relates to personal integrity or affects the ability to trade in real estate (i.e. theft, fraud, breach of trust), your registration may be cancelled.

How can I obtain a copy of my registration history?

Upon receipt of a written request for your registration, education and sanction history and payment of an administration fee, the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission will provide you with a copy of your registration history. Please note that if this is required for you to make application for registration in another jurisdiction; that licensing/registration body will require the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission to send your information directly to them.

I am thinking about becoming a broker, branch manager or associate broker. What do I need to do?

Please contact the Commission office at 306-374-5233 to determine your specific requirements.

I was once registered with the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission and wish to return to the industry. What courses should I take?

Please contact the Commission office at 306-374-5233. The educational courses you will be required to take will depend on how long you have been away from the industry and any changes to the education model.