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Unregistered Property Management in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission periodically receives information that consumers may knowingly or unknowingly be entering into property management agreements with unregistered and/or not exempt persons or entities from registration with the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission.

The Commission is an independent non-government organization responsible for the regulation of the real estate industry in Saskatchewan by ensuring public protection through the administration of The Real Estate Act, its regulations and the Commission Bylaws. The Commission consists of eleven members, six of whom are elected from the real estate industry, four who are appointed by the government through an order in council and one who is appointed by the Commission to represent the Investment, Commercial and Industrial sector of the real estate industry.

The Commission’s responsibilities include maintenance of a Register of all persons registered to trade in real estate in Saskatchewan; auditing of brokerages’ trust accounts; conducting investigations and hearings with respect to registrants’ actions; setting and enforcing the standards of conduct for the industry; defining education standards and acting as a resource to consumers and registrants. For further information or to verify that the real estate person or property manager you are currently dealing with is registered, please visit The Commission's website at www.srec.ca and do a “Public Inquiry” or online query of the person or company trading in real estate on your behalf. Persons may be queried by: city; last name; or brokerage name.

The relevant legislation governing trading in real estate or property management may also be found on Commission’s website. Section 2(r) of The Real Estate Act defines Property Management to mean:
negotiating or approving a lease or rental of a landlord’s real estate;
holding money received in connection with a lease or rental mentioned in sub clause (i); or
both of the things mentioned in subclasses (i) or (ii).

“Trade” as defined in clause 2(bb) of The Real Estate Act includes:
an offering, advertisement, listing or showing of real estate for sale, purchase, exchange, option, lease or otherwise; and
the solicitation, negotiation or obtaining of a contract, agreement or any other arrangements to advertise real estate for sale, exchange, option, lease or other disposition of the real estate, either directly or indirectly, through any medium of advertising.

For further information please contact the:
Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission at 1-877-700-5233 in Saskatoon