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Education Summary

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Education Program

The Commissionís mandatory education programs are delivered through the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business, Real Estate Division (Sauder). Although course and registration details are available on Sauderís website (realestate.ubc.ca/sask), the following has been put together for your quick reference.

Registration and Costs: Course registration must be done online through Sauderís website. New students have two years (from initial Phase 1 registration) to complete all courses and exams in their stream. In order to be registered under the Saskatchewan Real Estate Act, an applicant must successfully complete both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Commissionís education program:

MANDATORY COURSE for all students: Phase 1: Real Estate as a Professional Career
Then, CHOOSE Ė Phase 2 Stream A (Residential, Farm, & Commercial) Ė 3 Courses
And/or CHOOSE Ė Phase 2 Stream B (Property Management) Ė 1 Course

Sales Stream A
Phase 1 $1499
Phase 2 (3 Courses @ $899) $2697
Certified Criminal Record Check $90
Registration Fees $640
Total $4926
Property Management Stream B
Phase 1 $1499
Phase 2 Property Management $899
Certified Criminal Record Check $90
Registration Fees $640
Total $3128

Quick Facts:
  • Students must be 18 years of age or older
  • Students must be Grade 12 graduate, or equivalent
  • English Language Proficiency Requirement before 1st exam
  • Typically, 8 exam sittings per year (Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov)
  • Passing Grade on all exams: 70%
  • 3 locations for exams: Regina, Saskatoon, Melfort
  • Maximum of 3 attempts per exam
  • Exam registration approximately 1 month before exam date

For full admission details and standards you may visit either the Commissionís website (www.srec.ca) or Sauderís website (www.realestate.ubc.ca/sask).

Student Scheduling Considerations
For program planning purposes, upon completion of Phase 1, students may register for all Phase 2 courses at the same time.
  • Course materials are available online immediately upon registration confirmation.
  • Textbooks are couriered and generally arrive within 5 business days.
  • Assignments can be completed at the studentís own pace and are submitted online in a multiple choice format.
  • To ensure students get the most out of their educational experience, course resources include study tools (e.g., digital flashcards, practice questions, videos, etc.) and email and telephone tutoring.
  • Scheduled exam dates are available to students upon login on the Course Resources webpage.
  • Exam results are typically released in less than two weeks after an exam, which will allow students to register for the next upcoming exam, should they choose to do so (although most students choose to take longer between exams than the mere minimum).

Note: Although a student could complete all courses and examinations in order to be registered in approximately 6 months (depending on the date that they registered), this is not the norm, and Sauderís records show that most students prefer to take more time to complete their program.

Registration Considerations
Once the educational portion has been completed, students will need to provide:

1. a copy of their current government-issued photo ID;
2. a photo of themselves for the Commission's online registration system; and
3. an acceptable certified criminal record check (CCRC) by fingerprint comparison.

Commission staff will communicate directly with students when it is appropriate to obtain and provide this information. Anyone having concerns regarding a criminal record check should contact the Commission in advance to discuss.